Radio control advice please

For my university embeddded project I need to make something electro mechanical and programmed ie pic, electronics and something that does something.

Mine will be a radio or wire control cat or dog that pees and does other things as I have an interest in special effects.

I am clueless about radio control... form what Ive picked up though you need a transmiter, reciever, battery packs and servos... 2.4 systems are better as lock onto one reciever and transmitter. More channels are good.

I have no idea how brands compare or what I should be looking for in a purchase on Ebay

these are some I have been looking at

Also some were described as missing ariel how hard and expensive is it to replace these, what all will I need, can any servo work with any controller, what should I ask sellers, whata a good deal and what should I avoid? etc

As said looking intially at my project but then looking to use this for other effects projects etc. Plus a few pranks

Also what is a good way to merge this with a pic project using a PIC 16F819

Advice please asap as eyeing up various deals on ebay ending soon

What's the relevance to Arduino?

I am clueless about radio control.

  1. start with google. There are a gazillion R/C forums on the internet.

PIC 16F819

  1. to learn about PICs, you might better go to a PIC forum, rather than an Arduino forum.

Advice please asap as eyeing up various deals on ebay ending soon

  1. best go do 1 and 2 tonight. Carpe diem.

This: is the site you need to look at for RC questions.

This site has the cheapest parts usually: just make sure you have the local warehouse and don’t be in too big of a hurry.

The radio gear will be a non-issue for you unless you plan on strapping a turbine to the pooch and running him at 200mph, just make sure the transmitter and receiver are sold as a set. Inexpensive servos (< 100USD) all will work on any system.

… or you could ask your prof to teach you… isn’t that why you pay him?

Ebay "Bargains" and "Auctions" Especially for things from China... are like the Bus, Miss one and there'll be another in 5 minutes as a matter of observation... they do seem somewhat more reliable...