Radio Control unit for Robot

I'm currently in the planning stage for a semi- autonomous robot useing the wild thumper 6 wheel drive chassis. I'm looking for an RC unit, preferably 4-5 channels, but I don't really know where to start. I've been looking at aircraft ones but don' t know if they would be suitable.


Any RC unit will do, however for ground based projects you should use a ground based unit - there are laws about what the different Frequency ranges used for air and land can be used for.

I am really not upto date with what transmitters are available but can assure you that as far as Arduino is concerned, they are all the same.

Have a look here for information on interfacing rc and Arduino -

Duane B

I'm also looking at things like this, I need to control a robot that might be up to 150 meters away at one time. Would I use GPS, Cellular, I have no idea, can someone help?

See this thread:,105573.0.html

Think I'm going to use this Tx "Spektrum DX6i 6 CH Trans". Will give me one joystick for movement, the second for a tilt pan camera, and 2 extra toggle switches to control other aspects of the robot.

Another bonus is I can grab another receiver for any future robots and I can use the same Tx again for another robot.