Radio controlled switch

Anyone got any info or links? I am trying to find info or kit for a tiny radio controlled switch to remotely switch a high powered flashlight on and off maybe around 6-9 volts dc. Small size is most important so receiver and switch can fit inside flashlight. Doesn't have to be arduino. Thanks for reading post :-?

XBees are fairly small, and can turn things on and off.

If you want to turn a specific high powered flashlight on and off, how come you don't know the voltage?

How much room is there inside the flashlight for the receiver (and transistor and other components)? What is the flashlight made of? It might interfere with the radio signal trying to turn it on or off, if it's inside the flashlight housing.

I would hack into one of those small cheap remote controlled switches. Using the Arduino to "push th button" on the remote. But it will of course only work over relatively short distances.

This remote controlled door chime is a nice candidate for hacking up what you want :

or this

(don't mess wit mains power unless you know what you are doing)

Take a look at Those RF link transmitter/receivers seem to do what you need...