Radio Frequency Link. A few questions

Hello everyone. Oneill here, from Portugal. First time posting. Multimedia student at the University of Aveiro. Working with arduino for the first, for a few weeks now.

Before learning how they work (my RF wireless thingies I bought for arduino) I need to ask something important. I've been searching on google for various tutorials on how to work with this pieces and most of them are Arduino to Arduino comunication... Thats not exactly what i need.

I have an Arduino that is supposed to send a signal to a Bird-like sculpure so it turns on the LED's on the birds eyes and play a melody throu the speaker on the birds chest.

Something like

|[u]ARDUINO[/u]| ----------------> RF Receiver/LED's/Speaker

thats just it, turn 2 LED on and off from a distance. Is this possible with the following pieces:

I've got everyting working so far but i have the Arduino attached on a small box below the bird. The idea was to make the bird object 100% wireless. :)

and, if your curious, here's the project im working on:

thanks for the help in advance!

anyone? :-/

The data sheet is a little lacking in...well, most things really. SAWR.pdf

It looks like you could just send either a "1" or a "0" on the data line, which could be used, with buffering, to drive a couple of LEDs. However, the Tx/Rx may not like DC conditions, so you might need some kind of latch as well.

Normally with a radio link you have some sort of encoder and decoder to latch bits. If there is to be no other electronics at the bird end how are you going to make the speaker sound?

If you expect to broadcast this with RF then you need an analogue channel and a digital channel. Unfortunately transmitting audio is some what legally restricted in many countries and is defiantly not allowed on the frequencies of that transmitter.

Good point Mike - sorry, I'd assumed the audio was being generated locally by some box of bits at the receiver end, along with the LED switches.

ok… so even if i could lit the LED’s i couldnt play the tune…


im out of ideas… goes into branstorm mode

How were you going to play the tune anyway?

You could put a dirt cheap (cheep?) MP3 at the Rx end.

right now the tune is playing because the speaker is attached to the arduino. wich is easy to make it play...

but... since the speaker needs to be attached at teh receiver... thats a very good question ::)