Radio modems and protocol to use (or any other rs232 link)

I think that this topic was discussed several times.

What I want to do is link to computers using a Bell202 radio modem (fx614), this types of modem the only thing that they do is signalling a 1 as a 1200Hz tone and a 0 like a 2200Hz tone.
I'm reading some info about how use them in a correct way because them do not provide a clear RS-232 link because the decoder must writes on software. In some application like radio they use Manchester as encoding/decoding and Modulo-2 RZ (return to Zero) as CRC.

I have two ideas to implement this, the first one is write some rs-232 encoder/decoder using Manchester.h as encoding provider.

And the second one is use VirtualWire library and modify the code to get a transceiver and not only a transmitter or a receiver.

So? what will be better and easier??

Best Regards!