radio module..

i bought this for my son as well… we cannot find any tutorials or anything else that goes with it… any info would be greatful

how do you connect these types of things? there are no pins… same with the clock module topic i posted

thanks in advance

First Google hit was a 60 page app note.

watched some youtube vids... yeah, i don't think we are going to to use this module anytime soon..

It's not at all clear what you are trying to do with this thing.

That module appears to have half-round solder tabs at 2 mm spacing. You just solder
them down to surface-mount pads on a pcb - or find a carrier board for the module.

Here's a tutorial I found that looks pretty straight forward.

anytime I get a new widget, i just search for "arduino" + widget name. In your case, "arduino tea5767" gives tutorials a plenty, even a library on github.

The TEA5767 uses an i2c interface - very easily accomplished with an Arduino

Take a look at these: