Radio settings for nRF24L01

Three queries here:

  1. (refer aged thread) post #107 - How do I check the “status” of the radio board?

  2. (ref post # 108) - Should the call to “radio.begin()” be at the end of the list?

  3. There is no indication of my nRF24L01 boards so how can I check whether they are nRF24L01+ or non-plus?


If radio.begin() is like calls (SPI.begin() for example), it needs to be called before other radio.(commands).

Look at the markings on the chip - you should be able to clearly read it and compare it to the nrf24L01+ datasheet to see what you have. If not, use a more reputable source on your next purchase.

Hi CrossRoads

Inscribed on the chip are the lines


I can't see anything like that on any nRF24L01+ datasheet.

However, if we can find out how to check the status of the PCB (Question 1) it should solve the problem.

The numbers you presented in Reply #2 have a '+' in them which I suspect is significant.

From a quick read of the nRF24L01+ datasheet it does not seem to have a register that returns data to identify its type

I suggest you read the datasheet under the heading "Ordering Information" where it specifies how the devices are marked. You may also need to look at the datasheet for the older device.