Radio Shack Camera Shield Zero kb image size and TV-Out issues

I am using Uno R3, Seeed Studio Ethernet Shield V2.2, and Radio Shack Camera Shield Using this sketch I added this solution for multiple files

Like a lot of people out there, I had been having trouble saving images from the Camera Shield to the SD card. The image size was always 0Kb. Now and then I would get a viewable image and reformatted the SD card for each and every test just to be sure that wasn't the problem. After trying every possible sketch and solution I could find my problem ended up being inadequate power from USB. When powering the Uno (and Ethernet Shield and Camera Shield) with a 9v wall wart the images are saved to the SD card a little more reliably. I have never had any problems with USB Power before but this is the first time I've powered 3 different devices directly from the Uno.

Another problem I didn't discover until I got my project working more reliably was the Camera TV-Out. After powering up Uno (with camera TV-out connected to TV) there was no video from TV-out. If I power cycled just the camera its self, by unplugging the camera jumper wire from 5v and replacing it, I would immediately get Video out of TV-out. This has to be a problem with images being saved I thought. So I placed a 5 second delay (a little long, but for testing) as first line in Setup() routine to allow the Ethernet and Camera Shields to initialize before tying to access them. This allowed TV-out to work immediately on power-up and saving images to SD much more reliable.

NOTES for those just starting: -Remove "RS_Camera_Shield_Arduino" from the very first line of sketch in link above so it will compile. -Uncomment "#define sdCamera 1" at or about line 31 for the sketch to function at all. -Set SdChipSelect value at or about line 50 appropriately for your Device.