Radio shack digital soldering station

Anyone have one? Fixing to get one and seein what you guys think. My 15 watt soldering iron has had it's days (was cheap but works).

ummmm yea I have had mine for a couple months now and its still great. temperature fluctuates +or- about 2 to 3 degrees from where its set. Heats up really quick and the tip it comes with is plenty pointy enough for doing through hole and surface mount soldering.

I would say get one.

Assuming you are speaking of: Model: 64-053 | Catalog #: 64-053.

I had problems with my unit and the shack wasn't very helpful. The best they could offer was store credit. There was a time, two or three decades back, that the shack was good outlet. I don't believe that the telephone store they have become holds a candle to an actual electronics shop.

The unit shut itself off after coming to temp. The temp varied by as much as fifty degrees when it staid on. It could be I just got a bum unit but if you Goggle it you'll find hundreds of comments just like mine.

For a little more you could get a Weller. They are durable work horses used world wide in industrial applications. WESD51 is the model I use here.

No I don't work for Weller.

I have used one, its not really anything special, and I dont like the price

if you dont mind analog (its actually easier imo) look up xytronic, they sell them at jameco for like 50 bucks (i got my 379 for 40 at howard electronics, but they are out of stock atm)

and absolutely LOVE that station

I ended up getting one... Will use it when parts come in.

This thing is great. I recommend it and yes the tip comes with way pointy. I ordered extra tips also.

I use the Radio shack dual power soldering station. I find that 20W and 40W is all that's really needed. If i need anything lower or in between i have it plugged into a socket that is controlled by a dimmer switch. I have the plug and dimmer built into there own box which plug into a regular wall outlet. With my Kill-A-Watt meter plugged in i can dial in the wattage i need.