Radio Shack now has the Esplora

I found the website now has the Esplora. Yesterday (Boxing Day - Dec. 26th) I went to my local store in Virginia, US, and bought one. The clerk stated he had them in stock for two weeks. The cost is $64.99 and they have a promotion - getting a $10 credit coupon with every $50 spent.

The board is bigger than I thougt at about 16 cm. In the box it also comes with a USB to microUSB cable to program it with, a bonus.

I'll be firing it up soon. I'd like to see if I can get it connected to a radio and battery pack to make it a portable controller. I'm hopeful Adafruit may have some projects posted after Radio Shack's exclusivity ends.

My unboxing blog post:

That’s where I got mine. It seems to not have standard inputs and outputs mapped out like other arduino boards, I’m trying to figure out how to use the tinkerkit leads to add functionality. The LCD expansion ports may also be useful but i haven’t gotten that far yet. You may be able to use the ICSP leads for a battery pack.

Made a map: