Radio Video Transmission

I know there are rc Transmitter and receiver that can be tinkered with arduino. However, with what I saw online, it only offers like 4 buttons.

It could work since I could free up my 2.4GHz for video, but I need more buttons for gizmos of the drone.

Lately I was just planning to add an esp32 to a bluetooth controlled vehicle, but it won't work.

Yes, there is overlap.
Bluetooth ch 4 is WiFi ch 1. The odd WiFi channel numbers fall on Bluetooth channels, WiFi even channels fall between Bluetooth channels.


The Bluetooth protocol looks for an unoccupied channel then transmits a packet. It then looks for a different unused channel then transmits another packet of data. It does this 1600 times a second.

The WiFi protocol is passive, in that it sends data then waits for an acknowledgement. If no ack is received then the sender assumes that the data was not received and it's sent again.

That both are in the same frequency band is what matters. See post 72.

Not true, seven WiFi channels occupy Bluetooth channels.

OP- Are you not reading the many references you have been given? Your plan will not work as imagined and several of us have given you reference material to understand why.

The point is that it does not matter which "channels" are used in the 2.4 GHz band because the receiver hears anything that is anywhere in that band and the signal it hears from an adjacent transmitter is at least a million times stronger than that coming from the distant transmitter. There is simply no possible way that it can separate the two even if it "knows" which one to look for (which it does not in any case), only the stronger local signal can be heard.

Whereas WiFi and Bluetooth systems have systems for synchronising their own transmission and reception protocols, they do not "understand" the other protocol and cannot cooperate to avoid interfering with each other.

Not to mention that clearly, a "streaming" protocol necessarily spends almost all of the time transmitting.

I understand the problem, I am just trying to maximize every solution I got.:grinning:

I was about to ask if packeting the data and receiving the specific packet will do any change, but it would be to noisy since video transmition will transmit image data more than 10x per second, even if both the transmitter and receiver are at the same distance(just few cm).

I could use the 35MHz for control then 2.4GHz for video but 35MHz RF IC is bad when it comes to custom RC builds, from what I saw from my availability, it offers only four buttons, forward, backward, left, and right. No place for gizmos like landing lights, strobe lights, retractable landing legs, etc.

On the other hand, using 2.4GHz for control can have more freedom for customization. Nrf24lo1 and hc05 can be tinkered with arduino, and arduino can be programmable then hc05 will act just like a gate letting in and letting out data. But for my video, 5.8GHz is needed, which is common for fpv. It could work but not financially. Fpv can cost up to 40$(Php 2,000) for both transmitter and receiver.

So its either sacrifice my freedom for customization or sacrifice my video. Also its worth mentioning that the 35MHz transmitter is not enought to control a drone. Collective/throttle, cyclic/roll/pitch, antitorque/yaw.

Why do you think that?

You are saying that you only saw one piece of equipment available and that piece of equipment had these limitations. Nothing whatsoever to do with the frequency used.

Maybe you hardly looked at all.

35Mhz RC went up to as many as 10 channel and I have a couple of 6 channel TXs

Do you mean parts you can get wherever you live? Or do you mean how well google works over there?

I had forgotten all about 35MhH, but there are lotsa users working more than 4 channels.

Also curious to me is your use of terms like collective, cyclic and anti-yaw. Please tell us again how much experience you have designing, building and/or flying real quadcopters or multirotor…


What I mean "from my availability" is what I can get. There is no amazon here, I searched up in southeast asian online shops and banggood. It only shows me the car rc controller that literally has 4 buttons. The one that I saw that was compatible for flight is 2.4GHz. If you've seen one from online shops website, kindly share your link to me.

I used helicopter control terms, for drones its throttle, yaw, pitch, roll.:grinning: