Radiohead and a garage remote

Hi All,
Hope someone is able to help. I'm not a good programmer but I've put together a project to test the lights on a trailer using two Nano's. One as the transmitter the other as the receiver, now I wish to use an old garage remote to do the transmitting. Is it possible using the radiohead library or do I need to go back and use the rc-switch library.
I have decoded the remote so I have both the decimal and binary codes of the remote but no idea of how to incorporate them together. The remote is a four button remote.
Thanks to anyone who helps

RadioHead uses its own OOK protocol. I don't think you can use that to receive from a commercial remote.

Could you put the nano in the old remote and save reprogramming?

No unfortunately. I'm going for a smaller transmitter. So I'll have to adapt the code, currently pins D2,3 and 4 are currently receiving. Thanks for idea.

Thought that might be the case Ah well it was a nice thought. thank you for the reply

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