RadioHead lib Si4464 module. How do I connect SET,TX,RX to the Nano?

I have used the RH library before with nrf24L01s. I have (2) HC-12/Si4464 modules. I have had them working on Nanos, using hardware serial (TX/RX) and softwareserial. Within the RH_RF24.h file is says
504 /// Works with
505 /// - Silicon Labs Si4460/1/2/3/4 transceiver chips
and I also saw something that mentioned the RFM22 module and the Si4464. However, the Si4464 has the pinout SET, TX, RX, GND, VCC. File RadioHead.h says starting on line 63:
/// - RH_RF24
/// Works with Silicon Labs Si4460/4461/4463/4464 family of transceivers chip, and the equivalent
/// HopeRF RF24/26/27 family of chips and the HopeRF RFM24W/26W/27W modules.
/// Supports GFSK, FSK and OOK. Access to other chip
/// features such as on-chip temperature measurement, analog-digital
/// converter, transmitter power control etc is also provided.
The RFM22B AND NRF24 modules uses SPI interface…SDO,SDI, and SCLK. (MOSI,MISO,SCK,SS). I have looked and Googled for my answer, but I can’t find it after several hours. How am I suppose to connect the SET,TX,RX, pins to the Nano?
If this module can be used with the RH lib, where did you find the information?
It’s not for lack of trying; I just can’t find the answer. These modules have great range and I’d like to use them.