RadioHead Library - Help

Good Morning,
Im trying to use Library in object for send and receive back the answer correct. before to write a post I’ve tried different thing without success for syncronize the Send and Receive for have the correct message back at the first time. Due the fact of this library RadioHead: RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors I’m ASK Part . With the code below reported I’ve send back the message systematically at the second time. Mainly the software do this … When you put in serial transmittere 0 the software send out :

5 1 0 0 FF FF and the receiver transmit back 1 5 2 0 FF FF but only at the second time . Then I would like to find-out the manner for transmit and receive in syncronia but I didn’t found any function for WAIT, CLEAR BUFFER for have under control the system .

Is there kindly someone that can Help me ?


ask_transmitter_wire.ino (5.75 KB)

ask_receiver_wire.ino (3.85 KB)