Radiohead pin 11

Hi guys,
i am using RF modules with radiohead library. but on receiver end i am usign a elegoo tft shield that uses pin 11. how can i change this pin?

For the module you are using check the documentation in the radiohead library.

There is likley notes about changing pins in the libraries *******.h file.

To make it easier for the forum to help you its useful to state exactly what radio module you are using and which Arduino you are using, cuts down on the guesswork.

I used RadioHead a lot. What modules? It makes a huge difference.

My receiver module says APRXB12 on it and the transmitter is APF03. I am using Arduino Mega 2560.

You want me to Google it for you? That isn't how I roll.

i already googled it

that's why im asking here

You made my day. :slight_smile:

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Please read the forum instructions on how to provide information here.


I think this line of code will work?

RH_ASK driver(2000, 21);

If you are using RH_ASK, then presuambly you have a

#include RH_ASK.h at the start of the program.

The instructions on how to change the pins will be in RH_ASK.h, which is in the \Radiohead library.

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ok thanks!

That is why I asked, what module. The ASK driver uses bit banging on ports, so you can use it on any digital I/O pins. But in the constructor you have to specify both the TX and RX pins if you want to change them from the default.

im using nrf24l01

That's different than what you said in reply #4. What is really going on over there?

my original modules broke so now i'm using nrf24l01

You didn't say, if it solved your problem.

ok sorry im new to this forum