Radioshack LED strip (Power Issues??)

so i bought the Radioshack 1 meter long LED strip the other day ( product info: ) and i got the Arduino Uno and a enercell 3 - 12v 1A ac to dc power adapter. I've used the provided (albeit crap) code that comes with the radioshack product. for osme reason my led strip wont light up at all. i THINK it might have something to do with my power supply. when i plug it into the power supply (with no usb connected) it SHOULD light up as ON correct? because it doesnt. at all. unless its plugged in through usb. which sucks. i really want to get this up and running as i plan on making an ambient glowing strip for the inside of my new computer case.

it seems that the LED strip is controlled by an analog pin, so it could require some sort of input before doing anything. take your strip, put gnd to gnd on the arduino board. vin to vin on the arduino board header. and the signal wire to A0. then upload the program, unconnect from usb and plug in the arduino via the barrel jack.

it didnt work :( it seems like my barrel plug isnt powering it and idk why D:

ignore all the led strip stuff and try pluging in just the barrel plug, does the arduino light up? (the ON led)

no it does not. ive tried positive tip polarity and negative tip polarity and it still doesnt want to power it. its a 12v 1A that should be more than enough to at least turn it on.

it has to be pos tip. you probably blew the voltage regualtor on the arduino so it only works on usb

Go back to basics:

Plug in the Arduino via USB only. Is it on?

If so, upload the blink sketch. Were you successful? Is the LED blinking?

Ok - if so - unplug it from the USB and plug it into the power supply (honestly, 12V is a little high - but it will work, plus the Arduino has reverse polarity protection).

Does the LED blink? If so - then we can move on. :D

If not - well - something isn't right with your Arduino. :(

ahhh yes good point on the rev polarity!

nope, it blinked on USB but when i unplug it then plug in the power supply it doesnt turn on at all. its an ac to dc power supply and the power supply ranges from 3v to 12v. it has a little switch on it, should i try putting it on a lower voltage or something?

What sort of arduino? The reverse polarity protection is a shunt circuit on some that could blow.

i have the UNO

ive just ordered this online

this should DEFINITELY work correct?

if your arduino is ok - than this should work…

ok got it up and running thanks guys! was just the power supply :) you guys rock!!! very thorough and helpful