Radioshack LED Strip Programming

Hey guys!

I've searched around and couldn't find an answer to this. I'd really appreciate the help. So I've purchased two Radioshack LED Strips ( Official Site - America's Technology Store). I've cut them into segments of six lights each (there are 10 segments of 3 lights each on one strip when it is whole) and connected eight of these segments together. This means I've used one whole strip and a few segments from the second strip. When I upload the code from the Radioshack site, the lights work, but only the first 5 segments (which would be the whole first strip). None of the segments from the second strip light up. I know it must be the code, but I am having trouble deciphering where in the code you tell it how many of the segments to light up.

I tried pasting the code but it was too many characters. Here is a link to download the sketch (

If anyone could just explain to me how to alter this code to get the 3 extra segments to light up, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you so much in advance.


The data flow for these strips is directional. Make sure you have the output of your first strip going to the input on the next. There should be some indication on the strip as to the direction of the data flow.

Also, the code sample only sends enough data for 10 3 light segments If you look at the functions they are all using groups of 10 chunks of data or loops that go around
10 times. You will need to increase this if you want more than 10 3 light segments to operate.