Raiden Metal Gear Solid 4 Mask help?


I'm super new here and new to using Arduino products (along with servos).

So, Raiden (MGS4) is my favorite character and I'd like to make his mask.
I'm a complete beginner using these kinds of electronics, but I'm familiar with coding.
For this ambitious project, I wonder what I should use in order to achieve this (I see about four hinges, a specific servo, etc)

Here's an example of what I'm looking to do (shield and eye sensors):
Raiden MGS4 Cosplay mask
(Video not mine)

I have a limited budget and skillset, but a quick and determined student of the arts and electronics!
Unsure if this will be a simple project...

Sorry if I placed this in the wrong forum.

If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be forever grateful!

Your best bet would be to 3D print most of the mask and the front face guards could be retracted with a small pair of servo motors.

The visor will be the most difficult part. A small linear actuator would likely be the best solution for lifting the visor.

I have a video on a custom printed Nano case that I plan to incorporate into a Comic Con costume down the line.

If you want to take a look at it here is the link:

If the is private at the moment but it will go live tomorrow morning.


Making the mask so that all the parts fit will be the hard part.

Regarding the movements you need to define exactly what they are and what triggers them.
Then work out what hardware you need for the moves e.g. motors, actuators, micro switches.

If the moves are a simple sequence then you may not need a microcontroller.

Knowing what equipment you have will help you size your power requirements.

Do not jump right in to doing the final mask.
Familiarise yourself with being able to control each individual component, just on a bench.
Then add components to build up the sequence, again just on the bench, no mask.
Once you have that working integrate the whole thing into a mask.

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