Rain Gauge - debounce and gsm library issues

hi all

I have a tipping bucket rain gauge, arduino uno, and a tinysine gsm shield.

I want to count the number of tips in one day and the send that figure as a sms each morning. So ive been told I need to use an debounce circuit so I want to upload this library but how do I also have the tinysine gsm library on there?

Will the pin numbers clash? do I need to enter the debounce code manually?


Any button, switch, contact will bounce.
The Bounce2_Master library uses millis() to do some checks. That will work if there are not too many delay() in your sketch.
You can add as many libraries as you want. It might be a good idea to write in the sketch which libraries are used, and where they can be downloaded from.

thanks a lot for that

Ive uploaded them both now and it verifies ok.

Sorry im just confused with this library thing. As i can't see what is in the library how do I know which pins to use?

Use Arduino IDE 1.6.4. Use the Library Manager to download libraries. If they are not in the Library Manager, try to download the zip-file. For example a zip-file from a Github repository. Use the Arduini IDE to import the library as a zip-file. If there is no zip file, download the library and put it in your own "libraries" folder. That is next to your projects.

Almost every library contains examples. When a library is imported/added, use the menu of the Arduino IDE to find the examples with that library. They should show how to use it.

Do you know in which folder your Arduino projects are ? It could be: Users \ YourName \ Documents \ Arduino , or something like that. There you will also find your "libraries" folder, and in it are all the libraries that you have imported/added.

Which pins to use ? I don't understand. The Bounce2 can use any pin.

Cool I'll check them out.

I just know that the tinysine gsm uses D2, D3, D7, D8 & D9. So I can't use those pins. And I thought a debounce circuit needs 5v supply - switch - a digital input pin with a pull down resistor to ground?

I prefer a pullup resistor of 10k to the 5V and the button to GND. But the other way around is okay as well.

The Bounce2 library doesn't need anything. Normally a digital is read with digitalRead(pin); and the Bounce2 library replaces that (in software).