Rain sensor feasible?

Hello everyone

So, embarrassingly, i am here for help as a complete noob.

I need to build a device to detect rain.

Battery powered with charge life of approximately 3-5 years
Sleep until it detects water
Wake up when water is detected, then measure temperature
Connect to WiFi automatically
Send me email or push notification (to an app)
Back to sleep

I currently have;

Arduino UNO
NodeMCU V3
Rain Sensor

I understand this is probably not a five minute task so i am willing to pay for someone to trial and code the project providing everything is documented on video with voice over explaining what equipment is used, what is happening and why so i can at least try to learn.

If this is successful i am going to build literally thousands of them and they will all need unique ID's to map out rain. I already have a way of monitoring the location separately.

P.s I've been trying to do this for several weeks now, i'm one error message away from a big boy tantrum :o .

Thanks in advance


The demand for 3 - 5 years of life makes Your project quite costly I think. Either You use a really special battory or use a solar charger.

i am willing to pay for someone to trial and code the project

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If you want to learn about Arduino, buy one and start working your way through the introductory examples and tutorials that come with it. That way you learn the programming language and the special features of the Arduino, and avoid endless frustration.

5years is doable, just use a Atmega328, remove the voltage converter (or check if it the leakage is only some uA), and make sure you live in a dry place, so that the GSM modem is never activated. If it is, you will have a lot of fun after the first year of operation :slight_smile:

This sounds not a job for an Arduino or NodeMCU board. Both have too much clutter for really good battery life. The intent of building thousands of them is another reason you're going to need your own custom PCB. Gives access to a much greater range of processors as well.

3-5 year battery life should be no problem if you're OK with using C or even D size alkaline batteries.

What rain sensor do you have exactly? That is a major factor in how the whole thing works. If it's a bucket type it may send an interrupt to the processor to wake up.

Do you need to know whether it rains, or also how much? That again determines the way the sensor works, and what type you need.

You mention you want to contact over WiFi, but the parts list includes a SIM900A which is a GSM module (note: that won't last very long, as in a few years from now there will be no more 2G in most of the world).