You guys in CA finally getting some rain to ease the drought conditions some? We still have ~10" of snow on the ground here, west of Boston, MA, with another dose of snow coming Monday - maybe 6", maybe more.


Cold night here last night, I put a data logger out at the back of the yard in one of my firewood racks. Lowest temp was -14.3°F (-25.7°C), recorded at 0600 and again at 0635 28Feb.

The problem here is wind, the snow we put up with. We have had 2 weeks of high wind. 60-80 mph at home, but the road down to Denver has been closed 10 times with wind of 110 mph.


Wow - just watching the National news - CA, CO, many places getting nailed with severe weather. Floods & mudslides in CA, damn cold weather in CO, even Niagara Falls freezing over. Wow.

alfiesty: wind of 110 mph.



CrossRoads: Damn!

Well put!

If the winds are sustained that's a level two hurricane... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saffir%E2%80%93Simpson_hurricane_wind_scale#Category_2

Doubt if they were sustained, just gust, but sustained winds were probably in the 60-80 range. at our house they were 40-60, gusting to 80+, blew the roof right off my observatory!