Rainbowduino + 4x16 matrix ?


Starting my first 'duino project here. I was wondering if the rainbowduino was able to control led matrix that are not in size of 8x8. I want to build a simple coffee table as size of 4x16.

Is it possible ? If so, can you please give me some clues on the wiring sheme to use ?

Thanks !

In the manual, page 9 http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/c/c0/Rainbowduino_Manual.pdf shows the connections for an 8x8 matrix. The most straight forward way would be to put your hand over the bottom, where pins 29-30-31-32 come in. That will give you 4 x 8 (at three colors). Then wire up the top pins in parallel to the second matrix, with pins 29-30-31-32 driving the other 4 x 8 (at three colors).

So its really like you take the bottom half and just slide it over along side next to the top half, all the connections that go vertically down the matrix are kept.


So i’ll have :

pin 17 => pin 29
pin 18 => pin 30
pin 19 => pin 31
pin 20 => pin 32

but what about the top pins ? not sure to understand you correctly :roll_eyes:
any quick picture ?


you mean, wiring led at [5:1] to [1:1], [5:2] to [1:2] for three colors and keep 29,30,31,32 ?
how then to control the second matrix from [5:1] to [8:8] ? by changing the sofware ?


Yes, copy the connections along the top (9,28,1-10,27-2 - etc over the right hand section. The matrix will still be controlled as 8x8, you are just not physically presenting it that way.

After that, its all software. Have fun!