Rainbowduino help please

Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to ask my question but i have been reading over these forums all day and i am really tired of not find the answer to a question i have. I got my Rainboduino board today and really like it but i have no way of programming it. My question is this, using hookup wire can i hook up the rainbowduino to my Arduino 328 and program it that way. If so could one of you intellectual gods please tell me a simple noob, how to do this? Thank you,

Sure you can as the 328 Arduino can bypass the onboard Atmel and act as a rx/tx to Rainbowduino.

For Rainbowduino connections refer to the datasheet/manual from seeedstudio.

Wiring is as following:

Arduino 0 - rainbowduino RXD
Arduino 1 - rainbowduino TXD
Arduino RST - rainbowduino DTR
Arduino 5V - rainbowduino VCC
Arduino GND - rainbowduino GND

Use 168 Duemilanove Board in the ArduinoIDE for Rainbowduino.

Thanks for responding. I tried what you suggested but it refused to load as 168 Duemilanove or the 328 Duemilanove. got any other ideas

Did you take out the chip from the arduino? If it is there you can't program the other rainbowduino

no one said anything about removing the chip, it is now removed. Do you know of a good sketch i could use to practice this, Thank you

i am using the Arduino 0018 software to program this and it says that the download completed but nothing happens but the test program that came with the Rainbowduino

Which sketch are you uploading?

Try this one, should show a morphing plasma:


I just loaded that plasma link you sent and this thing just came alive , it's amazing thank you for the suggestion. This is the exact reason I love playing with this kind of stuff. Do you know of any other programs like a starburst or some sort of fireworks display? I think these will make some pretty cool Christmas decorations.

Some nice guy over at the Seeedforums ported the meggy-library and i am at the moment making a tutorial on "how to play meggy pixelgames on the rainbowduino" so in 2 or 3 weeks you can play blockbreaker or pong on your rainbowduino.

you might check out tobis mtxcontrol here:


Oh yeah, and with the fireworks, burst stuff.

I might have the zip of a animatedgif2rainbowduinocode converter i downloaded once. interested?

Thanks for responding, this mtxcontrol thing looks very promising, If you do have the zip file i would be very interested, let me know thanks. I took a look at the meggy you mentioned, that looks pretty cool it must be fun being smart.

After 3 days i give up trying to make the mtxcontrol work, I guess i should be happy to have the plasma working

I’m in the same boat. I just received my Rainbowduino with Atmega328 (Do I still Use 168 Duemilanove Board in the ArduinoIDE for Rainbowduino - as Apogee stated for a Rainbowduino with Atmega328?)

I too can get the plasma display working on the Rainbowduino but I also bought the UartSB v2.2 board with easy plug in (as well as an Arduino Duemilanove). I really don’t want to have to keep pulling out and putting back in the Atmega328 from the Arduino each time I use it.

However, I can not for the life of me get the mtXcontrol.exe to see my Rainbowduino. I even changed the COM port to 1 as I read it was needed but it is very confusing. I also downloaded the Processing software and tried to run the mtXcontrol.pde and got syntax type errors.