Rainbowduino (LED Cube Matrix Question)

Hey guys, i’m fairly new to Arduino and the like…and my girlfriend is looking to do a project for a course based on a 5x5x5 LED matrix.

I’ve been looking over the schematics for the rainbowdunio, and they claim it can drive 192 individual LED’s…so i’m wondering if anyone would know whether or not it would be appropriate to drive a simple single color LED matrix cube?

I’m not 100% positive how they go about hooking up their RGB 4x4x4 cube, but it seems they have a single IC for the transistor array (common anode) and then they just plug the rest of the rows by color into their respective outputs on the board.

Before I tell her to go and order the board (to simplify her soldering, and putting together of her project) i’d love to know if it is even possible to just drive the single color LED cube off this board.

One of the main things leading me towards telling her to try the board out is simply the 20$ cost of it off Amazon, which when looking at individual shift registers, isn’t much more then the cost of the few she would need to order from say digikey or elsewhere…so why not use a professionally put together board instead?

Any sort of insight will be highly appreciated.

The Rainbowduino hasn't got a USB interface on board so you will have to get an interface so that you can upload sketches. You will have to add the price of an FTD USB-serial cable into your costings.


As far as I know, they are building and shipping out V3.0B for the rainbowduino, and it DOES have USB built in, though it uses a mini USB to USB from what I read, so the 24$ is not bad at all. The previous versions I would need the separate FTDI like you mentioned, so as long as I am sent the newest version I should be fine in that respect.