Rainbowduino v3 - Input Pins?


I have searched but couldn’t find an answer to my question:

Does the Rainbowduino v3 have input pins and how are they called? I have a 8x8 matrix attached to it and I would like to connect 4 momentary switches in order to control some functions.

Thanks in advance

Yes, there is a row of pins located on the edge where the reset button is, that can be used for digital and analog input/output.

See the labels for these pins, they should correspond to the same Arduino pins:

The analog pins A0 - A7 can also be used as digital I/O.

Ok so if I would like to initialize A1 the dialog "pinMode(1,INPUT_PULLUP);" should be right or is it named A1 in this case?

Yes, you can use the analog names for digital I/O.