RAIO 8875 with MKR1000 is not recognized

Hi everyone,

I've received my 7" eastrising (buydisplay) LCD with capacitive touch panel, and configured to 4-wire SPI and 3v3 from factory.

I've successfully got it to work on Yun and Uno, but nothing in the MKR1000.
What the issue with it?
I'm using the Adafruit library for the RA, and connected the SPI pins as they indicated on the board itself.

In serial I get "RA8875 Not found".

I know that there is problems using this controller with other SPI devices on the bus, since the MISO is not tristate, but I don't have anything connected to it.
The only potential issue I can think on is the built-in wifi, which i believe is connected by SPI, but i either cannot disconnect it or attach an 74HD125 to solve this.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance!!!