RAIO RA8835 / Epson SED1335 + Bolymin 320 x 240

Does anyone have a working library / initialization code for either of these drivers (primarily the 8835, but both are supposed to be able to use the same code). For use with either the arduino uno/mega/due.

My attempt doesn’t seem to work.

I found an adafruit library but it doesnt compile as one of the files isn’t there and also a generic c library which states it can be ported for any platform…but I cant see how to do this. The links for these libraries are below.

Adafruit (for due) - GitHub - delsauce/Adafruit_GFX_RA8835: RAIO RA8835 / Epson S1D13700 driver for the Adafruit_GFX library.
Generic - Universal C library for SED1335/RA8835/S1D13700 LCD displays


I'm looking for a basic text writing function too with selectable font size and for a basic graphics control drawing lines.

Still having no luck with this :S

I can upload my code if this would help. At present if just gives lines on the screen...