ramps 1.4 problem, may have bought wrong driver

i bought a plastic scribbler, it was my second 3d printer purchase, first arduino. the drv8225, one of them were malfunctioning, screwing up my prints. plastic scribbler just sent me a new ramps and arduino board, thinking that solved the issue. i am still confident the stepper motor driver were the culrpit.

anyway, i purchase the stepper motor driver, realized it was a a4998, after waiting almost two months from china, i finally got it; to only realize its not responding @ all.

now, i've read that you can use the a4988 into these ramps, but i don't know if i have to remove all of the drv8825 with the a4988, also read that plug it the wrong way and you can screw it up. SO.....

the question is, how do i make the a4988 compatible with my ramps how do i install it the right way, if i can make it compatible.

don't want to purchase the drv8825 and wait another month. i'm losing my mind without my bigger printer, which is down.

Have you tried Google at all? As I typed in 'a4988' I saw that 'a4988 vs drv8825' was a common search. The first result for that search is from RepRap.org: http://reprap.org/wiki/A4988_vs_DRV8825_Chinese_Stepper_Driver_Boards

Since the 'R' in 'RAMPS' stands for RepRap this should be considered the definitive source:

"While the "Made in China" DRV8825 stepper driver boards are mostly near or identical clones of the original Pololu DRV8825 stepper driver boards, the A4988 driver boards are mostly near or identical clones of the StepStick stepper driver boards. The StepStick driver boards are pin compatible with the Pololu A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier but they have a different PCB layout which is freely available under the GPLv2 license."