RAMPS Pololu stepper driver voltage

I have a few pololu stepper drivers and would like to use them with my ramos board. How do you control the voltage on these since the voltage pin is seated on the ramps board? Do they only operate on 12v when used with the ramps board? Is there somewere else to put a different voltage? Most of my steppers are 12v but I have an extruder stepper that is 5v I also need to run.

When you purchased your steppers you actually wanted steppers rated at ~3V. The stepper drivers will “chop” the current to prevent higher voltages from frying your motors, and with the higher voltages the motors will be able to reach higher peak speeds.

Your 5V stepper is going to be just fine, but you do need to read “Adjusting and testing the current” for all of your stepper drivers before you go any further.

Thanks, that does help since I have one 5v motor. I looked at the link and found I can drive at higher voltage and lower current to get better speed/torque. Also, I found on the reprap website that the stepper driver voltage is determined by the 5A input voltage

"High(5V) when disabled, Low when enabled EN-| |-VMOT 12V (or voltage at 5A side of input power connector"

Thanks for the help.

You may find some useful background info in stepper motor basics.