Random Number Generator Matchup Arduino / Python

Can anyone suggest a way I can generate the same pseudo random sequence of numbers from both python and an Arduino UNO? Basically I want to be able to give them both the same seed and then be able to generate the same sequence of random numbers from both programs.

Certainly. Just use the same algorithm. The default one on the Arduino is the Park-Miller "Minimal Standard".

If you need an implementation of that one or another one, let me know. I can either provide one or guide you to one.

Searching for the constants is a good way to pin down the default Arduino generator...

I think that is enough that I can find the answer. If I have trouble I may ask you for an implementation of that in python.

Where could I find the source code for the one Arduino uses?

It is one of these. You can check the Arduino code for which one is used. They should be functionally identical. Scroll towards the bottom for the actual code.



Awesome. That should be super simple to replicate in python.

This is a very fast one, the two initializers are the “seed”

// An example of a simple pseudo-random number generator is the 
// Multiply-with-carry method invented by George Marsaglia.
// two initializers (not null)
unsigned long m_w = 1;
unsigned long m_z = 2; 

unsigned long getRandom()
    m_z = 36969L * (m_z & 65535L) + (m_z >> 16);
    m_w = 18000L * (m_w & 65535L) + (m_w >> 16);
    return (m_z << 16) + m_w;  /* 32-bit result */

python version is like this

m_w = 1
m_z = 2
def getRandom():
    global m_w
    global m_z
    m_z = (36969L * (m_z & 65535L) + (m_z >> 16)) & 0xFFFFFFFF
    m_w = (18000L * (m_w & 65535L) + (m_w >> 16)) & 0xFFFFFFFF
    return ((m_z << 16) + m_w) & 0xFFFFFFFF

for i in range(10):
    print getRandom()

there might be a need to keep datatypes 32 bit (extra masking)

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