Random value output reading from analog inputs seen on serial monitor

So, as I was connecting my potentiometer with my arduino uno using 5v, gnd, and A0 pins I then decided to test it, wrote a program yet what the output in the serial monitor spits out 300,700, 232...I don't why isn't not working..i tested the 5v output to give only .5v

Random values being read from analog pin implies that the analog pin is floating (ie, not connected to anything) - if you read from a pin not connected to anything, you get random values, because the pin picks up random noise from the environment.

Make sure that you're reading the pin you think you're reading from, and double-check all connections.

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Do you have a multimeter to check the pot and/or the voltage coming out of the pot?

Copy the code from the [u]Analog Read Serial Example[/u] and I'm 99.9% sure it will work.

If you're still getting random numbers your pot is probably defective or you've got a broken wire. In that case, disconnect the pot and connect A0 to Vcc, and then to ground. Vcc should read 1023 and ground should read zero.

Skip the pot and connect A0 to the 3.3V pin. What readings do you get now?

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I regularly make the mistake that I connect to A5 instead of A0. Might be your case as well.