Randomised Music Button

I'm wanting to design a button that when pressed will play randomly selected snippets from songs. From discussions I've had I think arduino is the way forward to design something like this but I am a complete novice when it comes to programming and circuits etc. I'm quite scientifically minded but could do with some pointers for where to get started. Any help greatly appreciated.

You need one of these:-

The software is very similar to one of the examples given in the library used to drive it.

Start with how the music is stored: MP3? WAV? If you pick MP3 you will definitely need additional hardware to do the MP3 playing.

You will need external storage in either case. Usually an SD Card is a good choice for Arduino.

Are you going to pre-define the starting points and ending points of each snippet? Are you going to pre-split the songs into snippets so the only choice is which file to play?