Hi,I am interested in know about how I can connect to an arduino board wirelessly from a distance KM 35-40 KM. I don't want to use normal CDMA/GSM networks. I would like to use my own communication system. Any thoughts on which system I could use,it should be light but powerful enough to send back all data being processed by the board. ZigBee doesn't seem viable as it has a range of 300 feet only.

Not possible for that range.

Not possible for that range.

…unless you purchase a commercial wireless system at a considerable price.


Is it Line-Of-Sight?

Very small aperture terminal (VSAT)

Not line of sight.Its a drone. What wireless system would you suggest.

The CDMA/ GSM phone system is your only realistic option , unless you have extremely deep pockets, and then you could use the Iridium satellite system, but there is a latency problem which could adversly affect a drone.

What wireless system would you suggest.

A 50Km one ofcourse.


Make sure you're standing on a 10-story building with a Yagi aerial.

But there are a few laws / rules you may want to consider before embarking on this. UAS (unmanned aerial system) flight is fun, and can be very profitable.

One, and the most important, is the FAA rules regarding "hobbyist" R/C aircraft. Flights must be done within "line of sight" to be considered a no licensed R/C UAS. This means you must be able to see it with the naked eye when flying.

Otherwise you are a pilot that needs a license / certification from the FAA to fly out side of "line of sight". You will no longer be a "hobbyist", your now a FAA regulated pilot.

Two, liability insurance, you will need this to cover any personal property damage, injury, or other mishap your UAS may cause in a crash or lose of control situation.....and this is expensive and hard to find currently as it is a "gray" area with insurance carriers until the FAA finalizes the rules.

Three, welcome to the world of "commercial" UAS flying.........you will no longer be a hobbyist, you get to follow FAA rules and regulations as a commercial pilot would. Yep, I just repeated myself, the fines doing this without the proper certifications are more than just doing it the right way.

Cost, I have using UAS's that cost thousand dollars to do this. Radio gear is the biggest expense. Dragonlink ( http://www.dragonlinkrc.com/v2/ ) will get you started, (There are even longer range systems out there, but cost a heck of a lot more)

Air frames can be just about anything you can find as long as they are big enough to carry all the gear and the real big battery system you will need for extended flight times. We are talking batteries that will enable 1 hour plus flight times, no 5000 mAh battery here.....more like 20000 mAh or more (these are heavy.)

Bottom line, you will need a minimum of $10,000 to start, this will get you your certifications, licenses and minimum insurance and a "entry" level long range UAS.

This is the short story by the way, there is a lot of things you still need to learn / know..........Best thing you can do now is be the best hobbyist pilot you can, then find out if you can afford to make it a second job to get into the UAS business.