Rant! 1st msg

Wow! I don’t particularly expect a response to this. I chose this forum as it seemed the closest to a test forum…

I just spent about 45 minutes maybe more documenting a problem, some information on the web, and some solutions.

It would have been my first post since registration on the arduino.cc YaBB 2.2.3 forums.

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The software had to treat me like a child and disallow any URLs included in the message because it was my first message post since registration! And did it save my message in a draft folder? NO it didn’t. But I did by copying my post as I went along into a text editor. I still lost 20 minutes.

OK there. I feel so much better. NOT! detect the sarcasm?

:slight_smile: c ya… - jeffa

There is a really good reason why you aren’t allowed to put links in your first post. If you’d done any reading here before your first post, you’d have known that, and you’d know why links aren’t allowed.

There is also a very simple way around the “problem”.

Also you can EDIT your first pot to go back and include the URLs