Rapid flashing power led...and avrdude: stk500_recv()programmer is not respondin

Hi, I have just take possession of my first Arduino compatible board. It is a DFdunio Duemilanove. I am a noob to the world or Arduino! I was able to send a couple of test sketches to the board successfully (blink & fade) but now all I get is the very common and irritating "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding" error message and a furiously blinking green power (L) LED.

I have selected the correct board type and serial port. I have tried to reset, un-plug trun off/on everything several different combinations. I have tried USB power and AC battery. I have tried the "reset-connect usb cable-drink beer-release reset" method but still it appears to have "hung"

The frustrating thing is that it did work a few times! FYI: I am running Mac OSX 10.6 Arduino 1.0

Any help?

What was the last sketch you uploaded?

"Fade" From the arduino software...

'Fade' worked just fine btw...

Sorry, I am still running -0022 and on a PC. Need a mac person/early software adopter to join in. Seeing lots of issues poseted with Arduino 1.0 tho.

Will try an older version...cheers anyway!