RapidStencil.com, a unique solder paste stencil printer for prototyping

Introducing RapidStencil Advanced, a solder paste stencil printer for prototyping and small production batches that is fast, precise easy, and very cost-effective.

If you are working with custom pcb's and solder paste, check this new tutorial and find out more about Rapistencil, a unique stencil printer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2aObzT1CRw

Spending countless hours soldering all of those SMD components on the latest prototypes or small production batches is painfull. These tiny components are more difficult to solder by hand -- and if there are more than a few prototypes to assemble -- you need a more efficient way to get those components on your board and most likely you are already using solder paste stenciling.

RapidStencil is my specially designed product and method to manually apply solder paste to PCBs – accurately and repeatedly. RapidStencil aligns your PCB and stencil, so you can apply solder paste quickly and efficiently.

This is the website https://rapidstencil.com