Raspberry Pi and Windows

My laptop runs on Windows 10, Raspberry Pi runs better on Linux, can I use my system for Raspberry Pi?

What is your "system"?

windows 10

So, both your laptop and your "system" run Windoze 10.

What do you want to do?

Can I use Raspberry Pi on Windows 10?

Are you asking if you can run Windows 10 on a RPi? :open_mouth:

You could run Virtual box on your Windows 10 machine, and install Linux on that.

So without Virtual box it is not possible to run Raspberry Pi on Windows, right?

I think there's some confusion here.
Raspberry Pi is a hardware platform.
It can run one of several operating systems, some of which are Linux-based.

Generally, when one refers to "Raspberry Pi" they're referring to the series of ARM processor based single board computers that almost (but not quite) universally run "Raspberry Pi OS" which is a tailored distribution of Debian Linux.

To add confusion, the Raspberry Pi Foundation distributes a version of "Raspberry Pi OS" that runs on Intel x86 hardware, thus a nominal Windows or current Apple PC. So it is possible to run Raspberry Pi OS on a Windows PC if that is the question. This may be done for evaluation purposes by booting the system from CD, by installing RPi OS in a dual boot configuration or replacing Windows on the hard drive, or in a Virtual Machine under the host Windows operating system.

So the questions are what is it specifically the original poster wants to accomplish and why is this being asked on an Arduino Forum?

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