Raspberry Pi + Arduino + GUI


I have created a project on an Arduino which is functioning well. I want to connect my Arduino to a raspberry pi so I can connect the project to the internet as well as have the processing power that the raspberry pi is capable of to process data coming from the electronics attached to the Arduino. I want the whole project to be controlled from an external GUI. How would I go about doing this? Are there any tutorials online that could walk me through this process? I did a quick glance through YouTube and I did not find something like this.

Any help is much appreciated.

I have 12 ESP32's connected to a RPi4 which runs MQTT Broker, FTP Server and a Python program that I am using to get the MQTT info and send it to the website. I can control various functions/operations of the ESP32's from my website.

Nod-Red on the RPi can be a GUI to do the thing.

Do you have a tutorial?


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