Raspberry Pi based Text To Speech and WAV Player that works with Arduino

I have just started a new KickStarter project that uses a Raspberry Pi as low cost Text To Speech device that makes it extremely easy to add voice to an Arduino project or to play WAV files.

Please check it out at : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raspivoice/raspivoice

I don't get why you need two microcontrollers. And if you need two microcontrollers it's usually best to use to that are the same 9or at least from the same family).

Well, in this case the Raspberry Pi is used as a WAV file player because it already has everything that is required, for example SD card, audio output etc. And it is a LOT better than Arduino's are playing WAV files, both in sound quality and just general things like filename sizes etc.

And by treating the Raspberry Pi as a separate module it frees your Aruino project from having to dedicate any resources towards producing speech or playing WAV files. All you need to do from the Arduino is to send text on the serial port, just like you do with normal debugging anyway.