Raspberry Pi GPIO

As a test, I want to move my current project (an Xbee weather station) with a base station running on a Intel Galileo to the Raspberry Pi using the new platform.

The Pi shows up fine in the 'cloud' and in the web editor.
However, I can't seem to figure out how to control some of the IO's.. :o
The Intel Galileo and Raspberry Pi are simply not the same, how to deal with that?

I don't use much GPIO's on the Galileo however, the Xbee coordinator is connected via serial RX/TX, and I use 1 output (GPIO 13) with a LED connected on the board itself to show errors or a status.

I was able to make the sketch compile in the web editor with some very minor changes so once I understand how to 'talk' to the RX/TX, I guess I can give it a shot!

thx for the feedback!


I can't be the only one who wants to use or migrate from arduino (Galileo) to Rpi? :slight_smile:

Sorry Bert

It would appear the Galileo devices is maybe not as popular.
Might I suggest finding a couple of Galileo specific forums and trying there ?