Raspberry pi interfaced with arduino


I was thinking of a project where the Raspberry pi, due to capacity issues, would be the main controller in charge of 1 or 2 Arduinos.

In one specific scenario, the Raspberry would reach out to a Web server to read the user-configured lights-on/lights-off time. This data would now be in the Raspberry and would have to be transferred to the Arduino in charge of lights.

I'm guessing one option would be for the Raspberry to somehow notify the Arduino. What are my options for notifying the Arduino?


spycatcher2k: SPI, Uart, I2C, Digital pin going high or low, just to start.

Agreed, but if it's just for controlling lights, why use an Arduino? Just use the Pi's GPIOs, it has plenty, and driving a relay would be just the same as with an Arduino, no need to use an extra microcontroller.

Well I had actually thought of skipping the arduino. The reason being that I have been trying to connect an arduino-hm10BT to a BT controlled-relay board and have been unsuccessful this far. So it might be easier to make a connection directly from the pi.

I dont really know how to hardwire a pi to an arduino though, which is why I was going for the bt option. The user will manage config data on a web application which will save the parameters to a database. The pi would have to fetch those values and somehow feed them to the Arduino in order to manage the board. I guess it would be much easier to just manage it from the pi.

I guess ill just skip the arduino.


If you want to communicate with the Arduino over a serial connection this Python - Arduino demo may help get you started.

See also Serial Input Basics


Thanks Robin!