Have PI / ARDUINO R3 set up. - works OK eg ' HELLO WORLD ' on LCD display.

Have updated to 1.0.5 OK and have JAVA 7 selected.

When attempting to add downloaded library [ adafruit example for I2C driven LCD via GIT-HUB ] to existing libraries in / usr / share/ arduino / libraries I get JAVA type errors.

Have downloaded latest LINUX32 as zip file called processing-2.1.1-linux32.tgz and understand that I need to replace x86 Java runtime with RASPBERRY PI armhfone.

On attempting to unzip using tar xvzf processing-2.1.1-linux32.tgz I get error message gzip : stdin : unexpected end of file

Any suggestions ? Thanks

Shouldn't you just connect it to the net, open a terminal window and type:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install arduino

There is normally no need to use apt-get to install java programs. A java program is just a data file (or files) that will be used by the JVM. You should be able to copy a java program to any directory and get it to work with the appropriate "java -xxxxxxx" command. That's what's nice about the JVM.

It also means you can have several copies of the same or slightly different programs available from different directories.

That's how I installed the Arduino IDE on this Ubuntu netbook.