Raspberry Pi Pico - USBHID/USBMouse not working

I've successfully used the Joystick library on my Leonardo to make a game controller.

I eventually want to do the same on my RP Pico. The CircuitPython implementation is limited and the Joystick library won't compile for Pico which I assume is due to the MBed foundation.

I've been trying to get it working with the MBed 2.0 USBHID implementation without success. In fact even using the included USBMouse won't work. I can create the object but calling mouse.move causes the Pico to hang.

Has anyone else had success with the Pico and USBHID?

CircuitPython on Pi Pico USB HID keyboard works enough to make a button box
with rotary encoders. I have not tried joystick or mouse yet.

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