Rate of change with HX711 load cell amplifier?

I am planning part of a project where I want to extract espresso and measure the rate of change of the extracted fluid.
This extraction doesn't occur at a single rate, instead it starts very slowly and progressively increases. My project will hopefully measure the rate of change of mass at multiple points of the extraction, as well as the overall mass at those points in time, and based on those measurements make suggestions to the user with regards to grind and dose change.

My question is whether the HX711 load cell amplifier has some sort of lag that would negatively impact such a measurement, or whether such a measurement is even possible. Is there perhaps a different chip I should look at for this task?

you did not say an actual value of how fast you want it to update/measure.
HX711 has two possible rates - 10 or 80 times/second.

I would suppose 80 times per second would give me better results. Is there a loss of resolution at that rate?

I don't think there-s a loss of resolution in HX711 . But the strain gauges themselves may have some hysteresis.

You’ll definitely need to do some sort of averaging with the readings from the HX711. Don’t expect accurate results with every reading. Typically I see the 10Hz rate used and averaged out over 10 readings to give a result once per second.

Thank you both, I'm getting some decent results now.