raw gyro and acc data to rate and angle

im using the LSM and L3G4200D libraries for ACC and Gyro data, respectively, on my arduino. i need to calculate the Gyro rate and ACC angle from the raw data (x,y,z), and i have few sources explaining how(and i understand it: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=58048.0 http://www.x-firm.com/?page_id=191)

datasheet Linear acceleration sensitivity(12-bit representation) FS bit set to 00: 1 mg/digit FS bit set to 01: 2 mg/digit FS bit set to 11: 3.9 mg/digit

datasheet Gyro Sensitivity FS = 250 dps: 8.75 mdps/digit FS = 500 dps: 17.50 mdps/digit FS = 2000 dps: 7 mdps/digit

as you can see above, the gyro and acc have different possible sensitivities based on what settings are activated on the IC, but im not worried about that now. they are in this strange mg/digit format... My question is not how to do these rate/angle calculations but how to convert my sensors sensitivity measurement that is mg/digit format in the datasheet to quids(which is required for the calculations)?

i have found literally NO information on Quids besides mentions of it in angle calculation code, but no real explanation coversion ratios


edit, just a guess here... are "quids" for analog gyros only? im using i2c so... did i just ask a very dumb question?