RAW image converter

Does anyone know a good Batch image converter which converts to 565 RAW. I have to convert around 5000 images for my project.

I now have .gif images but I can convert those to an other format if required... Just RAW does not work for me.

I've been trying a few but not one works for me. :neutral_face:

Arduino Yun

imagemagick - An image manipulation library

opkg update
opkg install imagemagick 
opkg install imagemagick-jpeg 
opkg install imagemagick-png 
opkg install imagemagick-tiff 
opkg install imagemagick-tools

Any image processing software that can

  1. read your RAW format

  2. Save it in some other format

  3. Just because you have so many images work in batch mode.

Take a look at photoscape (I think it has a batch mode) and it's free.

But this question has nothing to do with Arduinos, so .....


Another vote for imageMagick. I've used it pretty extensively. It's lightening fast and brilliant in batch mode.

Thanks for the advices...

I've been trying but the colors don't convert properly with XnView, Advanced Batch Converter 7.95, etc...

I'm trying imageMagick but I can't seem to find the correct command line for proper conversion...

Could help help me with the command line to "Batch convert" a folder of .gif to an other folder of .raw?

I may require to resize the files also... but I could do that before the conversion.


Could help help me with the command line to "Batch convert" a folder of .gif to an other folder of .raw?

What! raw is the format when the image is take stright from the cameras CCD (Nikon call NEF). You would never go from gif to raw. Are you sure you don't mean bmp and not raw. gif also has a very limited colour palete as it's meant for cartoons.


Ok I guess i need to clarify a few things... If I use the "ImageConverter565.exe" included in the UTFT lib... Everything works just fine... I can convert a .gif to raw with no problem...

I'm reading images from the SD card no problem.

But what I require is to convert over 5000 images, not really feasible 1 by 1.

I can use a bulk converter to change them from .gif to .bmp if requires.

I've tried to read the converted .bmp directly without success.

Only .raw converted with "ImageConverter565.exe" will display correctly.

I'm using UTFT_SdFat lib because I'm using a DUE with a CTE shield and a 7 display...

Never mind!

I found what I needed...

If anyone else requires this in just read the "UTFT Image Converters.pdf" that comes with the tool...

There is a second command prompt program that comes with it (ImgConv.exe) and it will do batch conversion.

Running it now (I will take all day but it is doing it)


Hey I recently started using a professional camera and I would like to know is anyone can recommend a good converter from RAW to JPEG. I've been looking online but it's all kind of just not right

hey just joined. I'm using soft orbits to covert raw images. I have been looking for a good photo converter for a while now since I started doing photography on the side. It's always kind of been a passion of mine to be able to create this beautiful and unique pictures. I had a problem though because A) the pictures were too big and B) they were in a RAW format that my regular photo viewer did not recognized. So I started looking for a semi-cheap software and I found Softorbits (You can check it here: www.softorbits.com). I have been using it for a while now and I really like it. It's nice and user friendly. I feel like it helps me with my studies with XOD as well.

Not only is this nothing to do with an Arduino, the thread started in 2015.