RAW vs VCC Arduino Pro Micro

Hello, I have a circuit with a pro micro, Bluetooth HC-05 (needs 5v), and an MPU 6050. I have a 3.7v Li-po battery and a 5v step up voltage regulator. Once I connect the battery to the step up regulator, should I connect the regulated 5v to RAW or VCC? If i connect it to RAW, should i then connect the HC05 and MPU to VCC or connect them directly to the output of the regulator? Thanks

The minimum recommended input voltage for the RAW input is 7V.

The MPU6050 is a 3.3V part and cannot be used with a 5V Arduino, unless the module you have has a built in voltage regulator and level shifters on the I/O lines.

Better to use all 3.3V boards. I suggest using a 3.3V pro mini, and a 3.3V radio module.