Raystar 128x64 gfx display

I have graphic LCD from Raystar model RG12864B-BIW-V and Arduino Mega2560 board. I have problem to work with this display. In documentation I founded information about display driver and type is NT7108. I think that it is KS0108 compatible because I found it also by GLCD Library in list of compatible drivers.
I connected it to Mega2560 board → control pin 33…37 and data pins 22…29. LCD reset is permanently connected to RESET on Mega2560. I tried also connect it permanently to GND, but the effect is the same. Nothing…

Here is source code which is simple example from KS0108 Library. Pins in header files are unchanged, wiring is made like in this header is written. I have also played with contrast, but has no effect. I tried other display and it’s working. With this (new) is not. Some idea where I had make mistake ? Is NT7108 compatible with KS0108 or no ?

Thanks for answer in advance.

#include <allFonts.h>
#include <ArduinoIcon.h>
#include <Arial14.h>
#include <Arial_bold_14.h>
#include <Corsiva_12.h>
#include <fixednums15x31.h>
#include <fixednums7x15.h>
#include <fixednums8x16.h>
#include <ks0108.h>
#include <ks0108_Mega.h>
#include <ks0108_Panel.h>
#include <SystemFont5x7.h>
#include <Verdana_digits_24.h>

void setup() {
  GLCD.Init(NON_INVERTED);   // initialise the library, non inverted writes pixels onto a clear screen
  GLCD.DrawBitmap(ArduinoIcon, 32,0, BLACK); //draw the bitmap at the given x,y position
  GLCD.SelectFont(Arial_14); // you can also make your own fonts, see playground for details   
  GLCD.GotoXY(20, 2);
  GLCD.Puts("GLCD  version  ");
  GLCD.DrawRoundRect(16,0,99,18, 5, BLACK);  // rounded rectangle around text area   

void loop() {

Need a picture. What was the voting about?
Did you connect a potentiometer? What did you see? I don’t have your eyes.

I have connected potentiometer 10k, that display is not my first attempt to interface such thing. My question is, because of very bad documentation, if NT7108 is fully compatible with KS0108 or I should write my own driver for interfacing it. All what I see, if I play with potentiometer, are all points on display, what is fully normal and the same experience I have also by my other displays. I compared available documentation from this Raystar display and my other LCD 128x64 display from Bolymin. I searched for differences, compared times and other possible points of problems, but I don't found differences. From this view I think that it is compatible, but I am not sure at 100% and I am not able to display anything using KS0108 library. I will try to write my own driver today and post then result.

SOLVED. Problem is (was) with Arduino Mega2560 board. I switched to Mega1280 and everything is working fine. Definitely is NT7108 fully compatible with KS0108.

Well, that is great. someone else won't have to wonder if this model works with glcd library or not. Strange that 2560 won't work. Maybe the library author has an answer to that. He's around.

Hi, I am traveling now and won't be home for a about 2 weeks. I have limited internet acces today. Your includes kind of confused me, as they are not using the normal auto-config include mechanism of including glcd_Config.h

It almost looks like you have a mix of the old and new library header files. The old library had ks0108.h the new library does not, but the new library has the fixednums fonts while the old library does not.

Make sure to run the latest library from the google code site: http://code.google.com/p/glcd-arduino/ The latest library is: glcd-20110423.zip

and do not mix the older (ks0108) library with the newer (glcd) library files. Use only the files from the newer (glcd) library.

If you are still having problems, run the diag sketch and post the serial port output in this thread. That will help me diagnose any issues.

I won't be able to get to this for weeks until I return home --- bill


I have the same problem. I don't know what i can do it. Please help me.

I have the latest library, and when run then i have nothingh on the display. I try compile on Arduino 0.23 and 1.0

On 1.0 version of Arduino i run GLCDiag and i have:

GLCD:ks0108 DisplayWidth:128 DisplayHeight:64 Chips:2 ChipWidth:64 ChipHeight:64 CSEL1:33(PIN_C4) CSEL2:34(PIN_C3) RW:35(PIN_C2) DI:36(PIN_C1) EN:37(PIN_C0) D0:22(PIN_A0) D1:23(PIN_A1) D2:24(PIN_A2) D3:25(PIN_A3) D4:26(PIN_A4) D5:27(PIN_A5) D6:28(PIN_A6) D7:29(PIN_A7) Delays: tDDR:320 tAS:140 tDSW:200 tWH:450 tWL:450 ChipSelects: CHIP0:(33,0x1, 34,0x0) CHIP1:(33,0x0, 34,0x1)

Data mode: byte

Diag Loop: 9 Initializing GLCD GLCD initialization Failed: BUSY wait Timeout (status code: 1)

slota, This thread is very old and your issue is probably not the same. I recommend starting a new thread. In that thread, post the diag output from the beginning. It contains some additional information about the IDE, library and board being used, that can be helpful.

--- bill