Raystar RG12864B-BIW-Y can't run on Arduino Mega in Arduino 1.0

Hi everyone!
I try connect lcd to Arduino Mega. My install Arduino is version 1.0.
When compile and download GLCDiag, my lcd is black, but on serial port send data:

GLCD:ks0108 DisplayWidth:128 DisplayHeight:64
Chips:2 ChipWidth:64 ChipHeight:64
CSEL1:33(PIN_C4) CSEL2:34(PIN_C3)
RW:35(PIN_C2) DI:36(PIN_C1) EN:37(PIN_C0)
D0:22(PIN_A0) D1:23(PIN_A1) D2:24(PIN_A2) D3:25(PIN_A3)
D4:26(PIN_A4) D5:27(PIN_A5) D6:28(PIN_A6) D7:29(PIN_A7)
Delays: tDDR:320 tAS:140 tDSW:200 tWH:450 tWL:450
ChipSelects: CHIP0:(33,0x1, 34,0x0) CHIP1:(33,0x0, 34,0x1)
Data mode: byte

Diag Loop: 9
Initializing GLCD
GLCD initialization Failed: BUSY wait Timeout (status code: 1)

Why my LCD not display?
Please help me

This is nearly always due to incorrect/improper wiring.

First is to verify the glcd panel and pinout.

Can you post some clear photos of your glcd and wiring?

Show pictures so that we can tell the type of glcd and where all the wires are going.
We will need to be able to see the back of the glcd to identify the glcd.
We will need to be able to clearly see:

  • the back of the glcd to identify the glcd panel
  • the glcd 20 pin connector and its connections
  • connections to the Arduino
  • connections to the pot
  • connections to the backlight.

The photos need to be clear enough to be able to tell where each wire
is connected.

I'd also like to see the first part of the diags.
There is some useful information about the glcd library version and arduino board
that is missing from your initial post.

--- bill

My fault. One of pins was not connected.
Thanks for idea.

Library GLCD is good. I downloaded u8g either and this is, in my opinion, better.

Very Thanks