Razor IMU 9DOF + scp1000 how to?(SPI)

I am trying to build an UAV using APM, Venus GPS,scp 1000 and Razor IMU from Sparkfun.
And I would like to connect scp1000 to APM trough IMU using SPI.
Spent two nights trying to figure things out - no results.
Please HELP!
my wiring:
scp1000 SPI on IMU ATmega328 pins software

drdy ---- ---
csb reset --------- dont know( probably SS pin14) 14 - SlaveS
miso miso --------- miso pin16 16-miso
mosi mosi ----------- mosi 15 15-mosi
sck sck ------------- sck 17 17-sck
3.3V 3.3V
grnd grnd

How should I connect everything and how to setup the software? :-/

Are you trying to connect this stuff directly to the ATMega pins or to a ATMega chip on an Arduino? The Arduino pin numbers and the ATMega pin numbers do not match.

It would help if you provided links to the hardware in question, not just the names.

I am trying to connect to the spi port on IMU,not directly to the pins.
IMU Datasheet


I have an ArduPilotMega. And because it's 5V while IMU(withATmega328p onboard - arduino compatible) and pressure sensor are 3.3V I would like to connect the pressure sensor trough the IMU.
It will look like.
(scp1000)-SPI-(IMU)-(logic level converter)-rs232-(ArduPilotMega)